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Electro art and sound design, the analogue truth of the synthesiser and why the retro-future of pop is electronic. Access a labyrinthine catalogue of shimmering electro available on CD, limited edition cassette and download.
This magic is strange.

EtrangersMusique: Welcome
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EtrangersMusique: Discography


Released May 6th 2022

A summer pop single featuring exquisite trumpet by Gary Aylesbrook (Kasabian, Super Furry Animals, Mighty Boosh).
'Herz' is German for 'Heart' and the song deals with themes of burnt-out passion, pain and stolen hope.

1. Summer Herz (Single)
2. The Last Man in Europe
3. Summer Herz (Berlin '22)

On all digital and streaming platforms or direct from us on BANDCAMP

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