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S T E V E N  J O N E S  &  L O G A N  S K Y

Sons of Hallucination

Steven Jones & Logan Sky were introduced to each other by their mutual friend Steve Strange of iconic 80s band Visage and collaborated with New York vocalist Donna Destri on the 'Strange Magic' EP. A 'Desire Lines' EP followed.

The music is influenced by analogue synth soundscapes of the early 80s. It evokes the restlessness and romance of international travel, the cinematic loneliness of modern life and the deceptive seductiveness of the photographed image.

​Steve Strange's shocking death in early 2015 and their performance at his funeral radically altered and solidified their partnership. Steven Jones & Logan Sky performed at events as a part of a commemorative line-up as a tribute to Steve Strange and his artistic impact on pop culture, sharing the stage with Heaven 17, Boy George, Kim Wilde, Nick Kershaw, China Crisis and Daphne Guinness.

​The 'Polaroids' EP followed, inspired from Steven's sense impressions from visits to New York and Soho, the cinematic loneliness of modern city life. The ultra-glamorous cover image is the work of legendary artist Mark Wardel.

In 2016 the 'Maria' was released on Stevo Pearce's iconic label and launched at a live performance at a Some Bizzare event in London. ​One of the tracks, 'Infinite Hearts' features vocals by former Visage vocalist Lauren Duvall.  Later that year Steven Jones & Logan Sky performed in Tallinn, Estonia.


In 2017, they also performed at ‘Synthwave’, Hoxton, Electrowerks, London and again in Estonia. 'Corrupt State' was released, featuring contributions from the late Steve Strange and fashion muse Daphne Guinness, a dystopian collection of songs mirroring the socio-political unease felt everywhere in the 21st century world.

"Hans und Lieselotte" was recorded in just one week and released in February 2018.
"The Electric Eye" album released October 2018.
"Rotating Angels" album released August 2019.
"European Lovers" album released April 2021.

"Sacred Figures" album released June 2023.


“Darkwave duo Steven Jones & Logan Sky's sixth LP does the Visage great's legacy justice and brims with moody synth-pop as well as swooning gothic lyrics that would make Edgar Allan Poe proud.” - Classic Pop

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R O B E R T  P E R E N O


Pereno was born in night clubs; watching and hearing his mother sing. The debauched adult world frightened and excited him. These were his formative years in Kolkata where the family lived. By the age of eight Little Pereno was organising parties for his friends. Eventually, reluctantly, he was moved from colourful India to cold grey London. To add colour to his life he started partying and dancing. Drama school came next and he formed the theatrical performance band Shock followed by Pleasure & The Beast..

To supplement his income Pereno started promoting club nights at the Wag club, Crazy Larry’s and the Camden Palace. Once in a while he would accept act-ing work and developed a passion for poetry and lyrics. All he needed was music to bring the words to life.

In 2015 he started working with synth connoisseur Logan Sky on what has now become ‘Aftershock’..  a musical 'autobiography' of his dramatic life has been condensed into a 14 track CD with gatefold sleeve and 16 page colour inner lyric booklet. Additional artworks and postcards will also be made available from the RELEASE DATE of 11th June 2018


Natural Burella

Costume - Natural Burella (released on 31st May)

Costume are an Italian electro project taking inspiration from The Prodigy, 808 State, The Shamenand Cabaret Voltaire. Masters of the remix, Costume have reworked tracks by Miss Guy, Fred Schneider of B52s, Angie Bowie and Steve Strange.
Natural Burella is the dark passage in the "Divine Comedy" through which Dante & Virgil leave hell. Diverse techno beats from MauSS and the European voices of Claudia Placanica and Steven Jones suggest exploration of cultural and spiritual boundaries.

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